Joshua Lutz

BOOKS: Meadowlands

The Meadowlands is a place to pass through and forget on the way to someplace else. Not unlike a neglected child, The Meadowlands has grown up without guidance, constantly unsure of what the future holds. It is this loneliness and solitude that continues to bring me back year after year. These disparate images tell different stories; like songs on an album that build upon each other. Each one may be about something specific. More often than not, the specifics are less important than the feelings conveyed.

Untitled, Aerial
Untitled, Meadowlands Marina
Untitled, Mark Lewis.
Untitled, Airplane
Untitled, Monster Truck
Untitled, Crown
Untitled, Another Six Houses
Untitled, Bathtub
Untitled, Safe Guard
Untitled, Clarissa
Untitled, Stumps
Untitled, Train Station
Untitled, Diaspora
Untitled, Delayed Cares
Untitled, Leah
Untitled, Peppers
Untitled, Liquor Store
Untitled, Playground
Untitled, Gone Thinking
Untitled, Days Inn
Untitled, Sarah With Enrico
Untitled, Crown Plaza
Untitled, Parked Car
Untitled, Train Tracks
Untitled, Body
Untitled, Captain Bill Sheehan
Untitled, Cars
Untitled, Untitled, NJ State Fair
Untitled, Today's Shows
Untitled, Barge
Untitled, Pulaski Skyway
Untitled, Live Earth
Untitled, Sommer
Untitled, Store
Untitled, WMCA
Untitled, Frisky Dog Trucking Co
Untitled, Nine Houses
Untitled, Bus Stop
Untitled, West Nile Virus
Untitled, Motel
Untitled, XY
Untitled, Happily Ever
Untitled, Anthony with Adam
Untitled, Mementos
Untitled, Snake Hill
Untitled, Satelite
Untitled, Fuselage