Joshua Lutz is an artist and educator working primarily in Photography and text. His monographs include Mind The Gap (2018 Schilt), Hesitating Beauty (2013, Schilt) and Meadowlands (2008, Powerhouse). Lutz’s books have been named Best Art Books by Time Magazine, Photo District News, PhotoEye among others. Awards and Fellowships include The Aaron Siskind Fellowship, American Photography, Hudson Year Fellowship, Tierney Fellowship, Communication Arts, PDN 30. Solo shows include Clamp Art (New York), Koch Gallery (San Francisco), Blue Sky Lutz (Portland) Robert Morat (Hamburg), Robert Morat (Berlin). He has served on the faculty for The MFA Program at Bard College, The International Center of Photography, Pratt Institute and is currently Assistant Professor of Photography at Purchase College. 


2005 MFA                      Bard College The International Center of Photography, New York, New York

1997 BFA                     Bard College                Annandale-on-Hudson, New York 


Solo Exhibitions

Clamp Art Mind The Gap, New York, NY (2018)

Robert Morat Hesitating Beauty, Berlin, Germany (2015)

Robert Morat Hesitating Beauty, Hamburg, Germany (2014)

Breda Foto Meadowlands, Breda Netherlands (2014)

Schilt Gallery Hesitating Beauty, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)

Blue Sky Hesitating Beauty, Portland, OR (2013)

Robert Koch Hesitating Beauty, New York, NY (2013)

Clamp Art Hesitating Beauty, New York, NY (2013)


Robert Koch Meadowlands, Amsterdam, San Francisco, CA (2010)

Clamp Art Meadowlands, New York, NY (2008)

Barbara Walters Gallery Meadowlands, Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville, NY (2008)

ICP-Bard Gallery Happily Ever, Long Island City, NY (2005)

Gitterman Gallery Untitled, New York, NY (2004)

Fischer Art Center Staffage, Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (1997)

Group Exhibitions

The Green Gallery, Yale University Picturing Family. New Haven, CT (2017)

The Cleveland Museum of Art Constructed Identities. Cleveland, OH (2015)

Rider University Gallery Landscapes: Traditional, Social, Political. Lawrenceville, NJ (2014)

Photoville The Tierney Show. Brooklyn, NY (2013)

SI Fest From Archive to Book, Savignano, Italy (2013)

Pingyao International Photo Festival The New York School. Pingyao, China (2013)

ICP Triennial, A different Kind of Order (Reading Room) New York, NY (2013)

Si Fest #21 Imparando Dalla Fotografia, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy (2013)

The Haggerty Museum of Art Dark Blue: Water as Protagonist. Milwauke, WI (2013)  

The LiShui Museum of Photography Pictures are Words Not Known. LiShui, China (2012)

Ny Tap The Contemporary Photographic Portrait. Copenhagen, Denmark (2011)

Estuary Gallery Love is a River. Beacon, NY (2011)

The International Center of Photography The Exquisite Landscape. New York, NY (2010)

Copenhagen Photo Festival Evolutions in Exchange. Copenhagen, Denmark(2010)

25CPW New York Perspectives. New York, NY (2010)

New York Photo Festival New Waves and Documentation. Brooklyn, NY (2010)

New York Photo Festival World Vision. Brooklyn NY (2010)

San Paulo Photo Festival San Paulo, Brazil (2009)

Fovea Exhibitions American Youth. Beacon, NY (2009)

Foam Museum/Stadsarchief Amsterdam New York Perspectives. Amsterdam, Netherlands(2009)

Look3 Charlottesville, VA (2009)

New York Photo Festival New York, NY (2009)

Make Art Public Montreal High Lights Festival Public Arts, Site specific installation. Montreal, Canada (2009)

Photo LA / Clamp Art Santa Monica, CA (2009)

New York Photo Festival, The Tierney Fellowship. Brooklyn, NY (2008)

Fovea Exhibitions Beacon, NY (2008)

Powerhouse Arena Brooklyn, NY (2008)

The Heart Gallery New York, NY (2008)

The Art Directors Club 25 Years of Metropolis. New York, NY (2007)

Orchard Gallery Reality/Play. New York NY (2006)

Katonah Museum of Art I Heart the Burbs. Katonah, NY (2006)

The International Center of Photography, New York, NY (2005)

Jacob Javitz Center PhotoPlus Expo. New York, NY (2004)

Redux pictures New York, NY (2003)

Woodstock Center of Photography Woodstock, NY (1997) 


Mind The Gap, Photographs and Text by Joshua Lutz, Schilt. (2017)

Hesitating Beauty, Photographs and Text by Joshua Lutz, Schilt. (2012)

Meadowlands Photographs by Joshua Lutz, Essay by Robert Sullivan, Powerhouse Books. (2008)

Books / Catalogs

The Ones We Love, Ones We Love Press (2015)

Constructed Identities Cleveland Museum of Art Press (2015)

The Photographs Not Taken, Daylight. (2011)

New York, New York, Rizzoli. (2010

Foam Album 09, Foam Museum. (2010)

American Youth, Contrasto Press. (2008)

American Short Fiction, Badger Dog Publishing. (2008)

Light and Lens, Photographs in the Digital Age, Focal Press. (2007)

The Book on Vegas, Greybull Press. (2006)

I Heart the Burbs, Katonah Museum of Art. (2006)        

Houses of Worship, Assouline Publishing. (2006)

Selected Reviews / Press/ Interviews

Photo District News Pushing the boundaries of objective reporting (2017)

Mother Jones Hesitating Beauty Review by Mark Murrman (2013)

Conscientious Hesitating Beauty Review by Joerg Colberg (2013)

ASX Hesitating Beauty Review by Raphael Shamma (2013)

Le Journal De La Photographie Hesitating Beauty Review by Sara Rosen (2013)

NewYorker Hesitating Beauty Review by Vince Alleti (2013)

Photo District News Hesitating Beauty Review by Conor Risch (2013)

The Wall Street Journal Hesitating Beauty Review by William Meyers (2013)

Time Machine Review Hesitating Beauty Review by Zoltan Jokay (2013)

PhotoEye Hesitating Beauty Review by George Slade (2013)

LensScratch Hesitating Beauty Review by Aline Smithson (2013)

Photograph Magazine Hesitating Beauty Review by Jean Dykstra (2013)

Visual Culture Hesitating Beauty Review by Marco Bohr (2013)

British Journal of Photography Hesitating Beauty Review by Gemma Padley (2013)

This is the what Hesitating Beauty Review by Kate Osba (2013)

The Brooklyn Rail Hesitating Beauty Review by Talia Bloch (2013)

A Curator Hesitating Beauty Review by Julie Grahame (2013)

New Yorker Photo Booth Interview by James Pomerantz (2013)

Visual Culture Interview with  Marco Bohr (2013)

Two Way Lens interview with Michael Werner (2013)

American Public Radio Interview with Joshua Lutz on Hesitating Beauty (September 2012)

American Public Radio Interview with Joshua Lutz on The Photographs Not Taken (July 2012)

The San Francisco Chronicle Joshua Lutz at Koch Gallery, Review by Kenneth Baker (February 2010)

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The Village Voice “Best in Show” Joshua Lutz at ClampArt (September 12, 2008)

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The Leader Focusing on the Joshua Lutz’s Meadowlands, Interview by John Soltes (September 2008)

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The Aaron Siskind Foundation (2013)

The Society of Publication Designers Best Editorial Spread (2009)

Photo District News Best Photography Book of 2008 Meadowlands by Joshua Lutz (2008)

American Photo Best Photography Book of 2008 Meadowlands by Joshua Lutz (2008)

New York Photo Festival Nominated Best Photography Book of 2008 Meadowlands by Joshua Lutz (2008)



American Photography American Photography 25 (2008)

Foam The Hudson Year Fellowship (2008)

The Tierney Fellowship (2007)

Photo District News Best Editorial (2004)

Communication Arts Best Editorial (2004)

American Photography American Photography 20 (2004)

Photo District News PDN30-Top 30 Emerging Photographers. (2004)

Cristina Duarte Photography Grant (1997)